Decorative Basket-  Multipurpose

Decorative Basket- Multipurpose

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Made by the Curripaco Indigenous people from the Amazon Colombian rainforest region of Guainia. The prime materials used for the elaboration of these baskets are the fibers from the palm of chiquichiqui or Marama and Cumare. These fibers were used in the past for thatching houses, bear fruit as food, produce brooms and fishing traps. In the mythology of this ethnic group, chiquichiqui palm represents the awakaruna or madremonte ( mother nature). The Curripaco made their baskets using a technique in which the fibers of the Chiquichiqui and Cumare roll and form a spiral design. This technique has been transmitted from generation to generation and although, it was initially a male activity, women have become more involved in the elaboration and commercialization of these crafts.
Material: Cumare Size:  Dia. 25" Width 8" Depth 5 1/2" Colors: Beige, Green, Blue