Hats- Iraca Hats

These hats are designed and elaborated in Sandoña, Nariño. Sandoña is a village of farmers and artisans, located in the formerly known region of "plain avocados". By taking advantage of the fibers of the palm of Iraca or toquilla palm, Sandoña weavers have amazed the world with their hats, bags and baskets. These artisans inherited their techniques from their ancestors Quillancingas and the region has become one of the most important craft centers in Colombia.

Men are responsible for collecting the straw, preferably during waning moon, carefully choosing it by the color and fineness of the fibers. After drying and bleaching the straw, and in some cases dye it, girls, women and the elder members of the community elaborate the crafts in traditionally family workshops.

Material: Iraca Palm, Straw | Sizes Sm: 21.65in-55cm M: 22.44in- 57cm L:23.22in -59cm