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We Are Maco
Made In Colombia

The most fulfilling experience since the starting of Maco, has been meeting the artisans and their stories. Many are displaced victims of the Colombian armed conflict, others are single mothers struggling to provide for their families. In my travels to remote areas of the country I have found hidden gems of talented artists who, unfortunately do not have the economic means to expose their work outside their small towns. Each artist is an entire universe, filled of joy, pain and wisdom, and our stories piece together the history of a magical place where despite its problems, people survive and thrive.
We are Maco, we are Colombia

Maco's Mission

Maco's Mission is to promote economic advancement by contributing to the development of sustainable and self reliant communities that depend on their craftsmanship to elevate their living standards. We want to help sustain all of the artisans, craftspeople and families that make up our community by bringing greater exposure to their work and by extending their reach. At the same time we aim to educate the public about Colombian human tradition comprised of diverse ethnic groups and their traditions which go back to pre-columbian times and are inspired by nature, motherhood and ancestral visions of the universe. We invite you to enjoy your journey through our page which reflects the best of every region.
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