Werregue Baskets

Werregue baskets are handwoven by Wounaan indigenous community from Choco, from  werregue palm, an exclusive fiber only found in the Colombian Pacific region. These fibers are then dyed with natural juices of fruits and Aloe Vera, resulting in an organic product, made in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. These products include plates, bracelets and other accessories and they depict Wounaan vision of the universe.

Currently, the Wounaan People are one of the Indigenous groups in Colombia that are at risk of extinction due to displacement and violence. They inhabited in the area of the San Juan river near a dense rainforest in a particularly bio-diverse region located in the South of Choco in the Colombian Pacific. The Wounaan have been forcibly displaced on several occasions. Human rights organizations report that hundreds of  Wounaan families were forcibly displaced between 2016 and 2017 alone, due to fights between guerrilla and paramilitary groups trying to gain control of the region. We appreciate your support to our effort to contribute to improve the economic conditions of Wounaan families.

 Tejidos a mano por la comunidad indigena Wounaan del Choco. Estos accesorios estan hechos de palma de werregue, la cual solo se encuentra en la zona del Pacifico Colombiano y entre los diseños hay tambien bandejas, pulseras y mas.