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The Hands-On Process

In 2017 Maco emerges as an initiative to educate the public about Colombia and its cultural diversity, and to promote native and small town craftsmanship. We traveled through the country to find what was truly unique from each region, and discovered the cultural richness within every landscape. Ancestral traditions and culture inspire our artisans every day and we work side-by-side to offer our customers pieces that are unique and produced in sustainable ways, and that represent the best of our country and all of its beautiful facets. Maco is committed to minimizing the negative impact on the local environment and communities by promoting environmental practices and policies aimed to protect each region. Our artisans make their crafts from raw materials locally source from the bounty of our country. One of the most common materials are hemp and palm tree fibers as they are naturally produced in our artisan’s backyard.

Our Colombian Artisans

Colombian People are a culture of hard working and talented individuals. Every product we offer at Maco is the result of inspiration and many hours of hard work. Each piece is a work of art in itself impossible to replicate, and crafted with expertise and skill developed and handed down over generations. Each serves as a testimony of specific cultures and ancestral traditions.
Our makers come from different cultural and traditional backgrounds. Our baskets and bags are made by Indigenous women from different parts of the country. Some are well known in the world such as the Wayuu, the Arhuaco, the Guambiano or the Kuna. Others such as the Kankuamo or the Curripaco are more obscure communities that we hope to bring the attention and recognition that they deserve. All of them have unique traditions and beliefs. Together they make up the social fiber of the country.