Embera Necklaces

These accessories are made by the Embera Chami women from the Pacific region of Colombia, also known as Choco or Katio Indians. Embera means "people" and Chami means "mountains" in the Chocan language of Colombia, People of the Mountains.

The Embera Chami are among one of the indigenous communities in Colombia who exercise and pass down their cultural expressions, spirituality, sophisticated dialect and ancestral jewelry (adornments).  

As a consequence of the forced displacement resulted by the armed conflict in Colombia along with extreme poverty, many Embera communities have been displaced from their home villages and forced to travel to metropolitan areas to find work or to sell their crafts. 

Recently Embera Chami jewelry gained international recognition  for their distinctly and intricate arm and neck ancestral adornments. Women of the Embera Chami, believe that "women bear the weight of the world on their shoulders". Necks and shoulders are traditionally adorned by hand-woven beaded necklaces, each necklace embodies ancestral stories, nature motifs, social codes, and are used as amulets for protection. One necklace can take up to 4 - 7 days to make. Each piece is based on pure creativity, and the imagination of the artisan's connection to their ancestors, Mother Earth, and spirituality.