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We represent those who like to turn their stories into art. When you acquire one of our products, you acquire a unique, one of a kind piece of history and culture through way of art. Every product in our store is 100% handmade and the result of hours of inspiration and dedication, and just like any piece of art, not two pieces are the same. 

Ethnic Home Decor


We promote work that represents people’s stories and emotions, and inspires you to be truly unique. By combining Colombian colors and folklore with landscapes, culture, and traditions, we work side-by-side with Colombian artisans and artists to create exclusive pieces for everyone’s unique styles. Maco's Community is comprised of the best Colombian craftsmanship to delight people like you, who understands the value of art and culture, and most importantly the value of sustainability, fair price, and responsible consumption. 

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"Thanks for your efforts to make the world more humane & sustainable"

Christian Cleves

Rumor has it...

"Maco doesn't just deliver art, it teaches and gives status"

Kismet Magician

"There isn't a better feeling than buying a product that contributes to improve people's lives."

Amanda Young

"Supporting handmade products is the best way to be a responsible consumer" 

Mariana Gomez

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