About Maco





In 2017 Maco emerges as an initiative to educate the public about Colombia and its cultural diversity, and to promote Native and small town craftsmanship. We traveled through the country to find what was truly unique from each region, and discovered the cultural richness within every landscape. Ancestral traditions and culture inspire our artisans every day and we work side-by-side to offer our customers pieces that are unique and produced in sustainable ways.  

Colombian people are a culture of hard working and talented individuals. Every product in Maco is the result of inspiration and many hours of hard work. Each piece is a piece of art in itself, impossible to replicate and each serves as a testimony of specific cultures and ancient traditions. 


Maco's Mission is to promote economic advancement by contributing to the development of sustainable and self-reliant communities that depend on their craftsmanship to elevate their living standards. With your purchase you will be contributing to the improvement of these communities as many depend on the sale of their products as their primary source of income.

Thanks for you support.



Diana Ramirez