Molas from Colombia. Molas Pillow Cases. Magic Dolphins

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Pillow cases made with Molas. The mola is a handmade textile that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the Kuna, Guna Indigenous people from Panama and some parts of Colombia.
Designs are produced with a combination of reverse appliqué and appliqué. Two or more layers of different colors of cotton cloth are hand-sewn loosely together. The design and its details are cut through the top layer or layers to reach the color selected by the worker. Minute hand stitches attach each folded cut edge to a lower layer. Frequently small scraps of color are inserted beneath the top layer and worked in tas-tas, slits, to emphasize special details of background pattern. These designs are integrated to a pillow case to give the Mola an specific decorative purpose.

Material: Textile 

Design: Pillow Cases with Kuna Designs

Size: Length 18"

         Width : 16"

Zipper attach to the bottom to change pillow or filling.

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