What inspires us

Maco's Community

Our makers come from different cultural and traditional backgrounds. Our baskets and bags are made by Indigenous cultures from different parts of the country. Some of these cultures are well-known to the world, Wayuu, Arhuaco, Guambiano or Kuna. Others such as Kankuamo or Curripaco are more obscure and we hope to bring them attention and recognition. All of them have unique traditions and beliefs and together they make up the social fiber of our country and Maco's community.

Our artisans inhabited different regions of the country. Geographically, Colombia is located in the equator for this reason our climates and topography are completely different from one region to another. From mountains to plains and rainforests to deserts. WE HAVE IT ALL. Our crafts reflect this diversity in their colors, materials and techniques.


Our Prime Materials

Our products are made from local natural resources that the artisans cultivate and use for their own consumption. Some of the most popular materials are hemp and palm tree fibers which are used for the elaboration of the bags and baskets. Fruits and plants juices are employed to dyed the fibers and give the crafts their color. Tahua seeds are frequently used as bottoms for the bags and baskets. It is important to visualize these crafters' process of collecting their prime materials from their environment, preparing them by separating the fibers and then drying and dyeing them to begin the process of making the craft. 

These processes might take days or months depending on the size of the craft and its elaboration. This is the reason why, these products can not be produce in mass and each its a piece of art and the result of the each crafter inspiration and dedication.