Our Materials


Our artisans made their crafts from local natural resources that they themselves cultivate and use for their own consumption. Some of the most used materials are hemp and palm tree fibers for the bags and baskets. Fruits and plants juices are used to dyed the fibers and give the crafts color. Tahua seeds are frequently used as bottoms for the bags and baskets. Some of the bags like the Arhuaca and the Guambiana are made of untreated wool from local sheep that the indigenous communities raise as a source of wool and milk. It is important to visualize these crafters' process of collecting their prime materials from their environment, preparing them by separating the fibers, drying and dyeing them to begin the process of making the craft. In the case of the wool, raising the sheep, shearing and woven it. 

These processes  might take days or months depending on the size of the craft and its elaboration. This is the reason why, these products can not be produce in mass and each its a piece of art and the result of the each crafter inspiration and dedication.