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Our team member Willy arrived to Florida on October of 2019. Willy is a 1954 jeep  and came from the coffee grower region of Armenia. In his younger years he used to work for a family's coffee shop that, after 20 years of decided that it was time for him to retire. 

As we all know there is not a better place to retire than Florida this is why we introduced Willy into our Maco family. 

Although Jeep Willys were manufactured in United States during WWII, after the war many were exported to Colombia as work vehicles for farmers and coffee growers. These Jeeps are today one of the most recognized symbols of Colombian culture and our long coffee tradition as one of the most important producers and exporters in the world. 

As Willy enjoys his retirement he sometimes join us in our markets as a display to our wonderful variety of products. He is also often parked in our Sarasota shop for our customers enjoyment.  Follow us for updates on where we will be next and come meet Willy and get your selfie.